Decor trends 2021

Decor Trends 2021

2020 was particularly a year in which the online businesses boomed, and I was personally amazed when hearing that the online art market was already bigger than the music industry.

To add on the pandemic's influence on social media and online stores, it was pretty much in the cards that the art stores - even the one-person-business stores - performed better than when they previously did sales.

It's pretty clear that the home decor has gotten a lot of focus given the events of the past year, and has created quite a lot of sub trends. Romantic tapestry is in again, posters and original fine art are decorating the walls in our homes, somehow connecting us with the world by the people who created them, and the minimal, comfortable home office is as hot as ever.
Let's take a look at some of the trends, that's moved along with us into 2021:


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The Art Wall


You've probably seen it around, if not in your life, it's definitely booming from other homes on Instagram. Loads of art posters, original art pieces and macramé carefully selected and put into their right place among each other, almost as if it was an art wall puzzle they solved. Somehow, this maximalism becomes an art piece in itself, thus creating a simple energy around it for the hungry eye to enjoy.
With a life in quarantine, there's no surprise in our longing for beauty to look at, often fine art combined with wall posters quoting important reminders to keep going, keep the hope up and persevere in joy and comfort.


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Romantic Home


The walls have been under transformation, as the romantic patterns have been brought back into the homes, whether it be in fine art work such as Diane Hill's or as tapestry for entire parts or whole walls. It's a fresh, summer vibey spark to the minimalism, that has dominated our homes for quite some time, and along with the mega trend of personal development and transformation, you'd think we find peace in the daily reminders of joy and beauty on our walls rather than neutrality. Instead of minimalism, maximalism really comes into the world of decor, particularly combined with vintage furniture and home grown house plants.


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The Home Office


The high usage of the home office came quite as a surprise to many of us, and as we all settled into new work habits, our requirements for the comfortable workspace leveled up. This is a room that ought to contain space for thought and reflection, be comfortable and a creative space for new ideas all at once. We've seen a simplistic combination of bright, warm colours along with cosy vintage furniture, some cosiness in the shape of a puffed old chair, blankets or a meditation pillow, and tools for exploring creative ideas, such as staples of notebooks, pens and paper, all put together in the above mentioned space in clarity and motivation.


Lot Winther Minimalistic Light Decor Trend 2021

Minimalistic Light


And those beautiful, beige walls... Maybe the Kardashian-West family had the continuous influence on this one, but nonetheless, minimalism continues both in fashion and decor. Although it's not excluded to minimalism, and you can add a few splashes whether it be a hot red lamp or a quirky, colourful fine artwork, you ought to stick to a light, beige base and have a couple of other shades in that area to reside in the minimalistic vibe.


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Dear Earth!


Earth colours have definitely found their way into our homes. I might be affected by my fellow environment-embracing friends, but I've never seen such a boom in house plants and earthy wall colours reminding me of everything from sandy beaches to dusty brown tornados in the red outback of Australia. It's in, and by taking a look at both interior, decor and fashion trends in the years to come, earthy tones are going to stay around as a bigger trend.


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Bringing Nature Inside

And speaking of Earth and environmentalism, house plants are a great part of the trend of inviting in nature. Whether you're a plant expert or not, there are various ways to keep the home full of delightful greens, just check guides such as My City Plants and Gardenista that has a whole overview of plant guides, to dig into the green world.

Especially plants like cactus, monstera, filodendron, anthurium and gold vines, that are easy to keep, are brighting up the rooms in our homes and giving us fresh air. With the increased focus on sustainability, it's likely the plants are also trends to stay in the forthcoming years.


Any of these 2021 trends resonating with you? Or new inspiration?

Enjoy the spring and the soothing warm summervibes, they're just about to arrive!