Easing into Santiago

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Although I've only been in Santiago for two months, it kinda feels longer, given what I've experienced.
My immediate impression was that the city would be like any other in between mountains - the kind, that you rather pass through to discover the nature than enjoy in itself. What amazed me was that it continues to unfold itself, and I could keep on discovering. So that's what I set out to do, when not escaping to the wide and changing nature here in Chile.


Lot Winther Santiago Chile Danish artist


I’ve been a bit quiet lately. For some reason, a lot of us digital nomads tend to excuse ourselves for that.

Anyway. I’ve been quiet, which in my case means that life has been loud.

Too loud. Hectic, confusing. For the simple reason that I’m settling in, integrating into and absorbing so many new things here in Santiago.

Naturally, I needed a getaway on the day I turned 28. I had the most wonderful birthday you could imagine. The night before, as the stars appeared across the sky, my partner pulled out a blanket for us to lay on. He topped it with a couple of pillows and a duvet, so we wouldn’t freeze while stargazing. It was one of those moments that affirmed me: “THAT’S why I’m with you!” You know? Stargazing is one of my favourite activities, and something him and I started doing during first lockdown, while living at the country side.


Lot Winther Santiago Chile Danish artist


I must say, I haven’t seen a sky like that night since I was in the middle of Australia. It was so intense I felt like gravity could fail me at any moment and I’d float into space. It was majestic. As you know, I’m fond of nature for that single reason that it outbeats me over and over again. I will never seize to capture its beauty, nor my interpretation of it. But I love the chase, and that’s why I paint. The whole day was just so quiet. We were offline, which just generates twice as much time for us millennials, enjoying the sun, the quiet, the freshness of the trees around us and the sizzling river not so far from our tent.

We enjoyed the Termas Valle de Colina, natural hot springs, followed by some less natural pools. All in all a great way to ease into my 29th year.


Lot Winther Santiago Chile Danish artist


A week after, we moved into our apartment in Providencia. And it was as if as soon as we settled in, inspiration and drive came straight back after a month of no roots. Strong, powerful and oh so empowering! Now, I’ve got new direction, new ideas and a great sense of peace. All in all a strong start of 2022!

For that reason, I've decided to shake things up a little. I've started to create some drawing and painting tutorials. An idea that hit me last fall, but I didn't at all have the equipment or skills to make. Now, living with a videographer, it's slowly coming together, and I'm excited to soon present some online courses.

I've also started a new habit of an online coffee chat with an inspirational person. This week, I opened it up with my old friend Jeanette, who's now a coach and facilitator. We did an Instagram live this Monday at noon central European time. We talked about dreams and passions, and what makes us smile - a theme I'd love to implement more and more on my online channels. 

So on that note, I'll start the week fresh, inspired and called to create! What will you do?


Lot Winther Santiago Chile Danish artist