Green Friday – What To Do?

Green Friday – What To Do?

I recall the first video clips I saw with masses of people pushing and stumbling over each other when the store doors opened up on Black Fridays in the US and I remember thinking “Please, please, please don’t let this concept come to Denmark” – but, of course, it did, and pretty fast at that. I’ve never liked shopping sales in stores, the energy of the pressure and the now-now-nowness was just too much, so I just avoided it. When working in the fashion design industry, I noticed some of my favourite (sustainable) brands actually turned up their process on that last Friday of November as a protest, and I really digged it. With my own fashion brand, we never got onboard with this event. Instead, we found a cool alternative: Green Friday. So I’m going to continue on the Green Friday wave and invite you guys to join as well.

Lot Winther Art blog 

First and foremost, let’s get the Green Friday concept straight. ‘It’s a concept promoting social identity growth rather than efficient, economic growth. It’s rooted in a desire of mindfulness, self-expression and compassion to individual as well as community behaviour.On Green Friday, a lot of people boycott the sales and get outside and especially in nature. Far away from stress and into the beautiful scents of the nature. Some also find alternatives to discount hunting, go and support local shops or try out DIY, because after all, Christmas is coming, and those gifts are nice to get in order so that we can fully enjoy the cozy spirit of December. So let me share some of my alternatives for this Friday coming up – there are tons of things to do, but the following are my absolute favourites! 


DIY gifts


I think most people agree that the presents they remember the most over the years are the homemade ones, because not only do they carry a reminder and a story of the bond between you, they also take us straight back to the reason for exchanging gifts; an act of love. If you feel uninspired, go to Pinterest or YouTube and type “DIY Christmas Gifts” and you’ll see a ton of ideas that won’t cost you much more than time and effort. Maybe turn on your favorite music and make a day out of it, perhaps even invite over some friends to join your DIY day?




We all see the point of charity, but supporting on a monthly or even a yearly basis can be hard for some. Maybe Green Friday can be your charity day of the year, where you decide how you can support, whether it will be buying something nice in a local second hand shop with a charitable purpose, donating money to a cause you’re for or, if you’re broke, volunteer somewhere for the day


Support the locals


Say you do want to shop – I don’t blame you. Find some small businesses in your area and pay them a visit. Be open minded, maybe you won’t find something that suits you, but you might just find the perfect Christmas gift for one of your dearest ones. Bonus: in the small shops, you actually get to know the owners or artists a little bit, and nothing is better than the smiles on their faces when people love and buy their things – especially in these times of Covid. And hey! If you’re in the Aarhus area, come see my smile!


Get outside!

Warm up some coffee or tea to go in a thermo, put on your warmest winter clothes and invite a friend or a family member for a walk along the beach or in the forest. After all, Green Friday is about love and compassion – and if you feel extra green, bring a bag and collect some trash.

Get active

- and that can be anything. If you’re not a long-runner (I sure am not) it could be jogging, going for a ride on the bike or a yoga class. Even a stay-at-home yoga hour can bring out a wellness that’ll stay with you all weekend long. Namaste!



In any way. Those friends in your life that are always there for you, that cashier that always smiles a bit more or the bus driver that makes boring bus rides unforgettable with his fun and quirky behavior. How can you give thanks – or, if you’re one of the above, any other ways to give forward or maybe give yourself a compassionate treatment? I hope you find these enlightening and useful, but if you have more tips for Green Friday activities, I’d love to hear them from you!  

Have a happy Friday.

Love, Lot.