Happy New Year!

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Dear friends
First of all, a merry Christmas. What a sweet time to be alive!
Every year at this time, I start scouting for a new notebook to journal in the year to come. Along with it comes a lot of reflections, as I’m wrapping up the journal from the previous year – and what a year it’s been.
Lot Winther Studio
In the beginning of 2021, I set out an intention to go full time as an artist before the end of the year. Looking back, it’s been such a fun ride with exhibitions, both groups, duo and a solo, and lately an art symposium in Egypt and a nomadic art life in Central America.
The past three weeks, I’ve been working in San Jose and Monteverde in Costa Rica – producing art pieces for a gallery in the city and a big mural in the cloud rainforest. It’s been such an inspirational trip, especially given the ticas’ (Costa Ricans) luminous, joyous art, which is just everywhere. Inspiration can’t seem to stop when surrounded with colorful art all over, and I’ll take the impressions with me in my heart. Until I come back, of course!
Now, I’ve arrived at my final destination for the next while.
I’m in Santiago, Chile, where I’ll be working on my next body of work. I’m excited to show you more, but for now, let’s enjoy the holidays!
I plan to set out intentions for more growth in my art life, more joyous experiences with family, friends and colleagues, and much more travel.
As I was riding my bike through the streets of Santiago earlier today, I was filled up with joy. The dried, yet sizzling river on one side, the trees on both sides of me, the odd silence city parks sometimes create... and the hot wind in my hair. I felt alive and present, and most of all like a child. In that moment I had no connection to my left brain, I was just playing with the speed and laughed out of joy as I shooshed through the small paths in the park. I want MUCH much more of that childish joy, so that is my utmost dream in the year to come.
Laughter. Joy. Playfulness.
I wonder, what are your dreams for the year to come – and are you holding yourself accountable for them?
I hope you are, so you can enjoy getting there.
Lots of love and light in this holiday season, and see you in the new year -
happy New Year!
Lots of love,
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