Spring Summer Refreshed Reflections

Spring Summer Refreshed Reflections

Oh wow what a time to be alive!

I’m extending the summer once again by going back to Europe — part for art projects, but of course also to visit loved ones. I thought I’d write a bit about dreams and plans for the next period of time in my art life. And life in general.
A couple of weeks ago, my new good friend, who’s also a Santiago expat, asked me, what I’d gotten out of my first months in Chile. I always dig into reflections while traveling eventually, but there was something about her question that was so specific and touched me on a deeper level. And I looked back to think about it.
Honestly, the first month or so was rough. It was overwhelming and lovingly beautiful at the same time — but it did take a lot of my energy, which I recharged through painting. (How wonderful is that?)

Eventually I got used to all the new stuff.

The new culture, the new activities, the different kind of inspiration, the new people, the very new language and all the other new things. I got busy with my work, and a fear of missing out also kept me active. Maybe a bit too much, now that I’m looking back. I wasn’t bored for one single moment. And I kind of miss that. Being bored. Having loads if time jo just allow whatever comes up, to do nothing and thus to get inspired by brand new ideas. Not only in the art area, but in my private life too. Sure I reconnected with old activities such as yoga, but what about space for some of those other things I’d really like to try just for fun? This time around, there simply wasn’t time for it. Or I didn’t make time. Take a pick, but I take my responsibility.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m so insanely happy about all the things I took part in, because in no time, I gained a big network, new collaborations and such amazing growth with my pieces. But next time, I want to be bored too.
Lot Winther

I want to play around more

stay out longer and just get lost in whatever I feel like without a time frame that stops me from just playing. It’s not like I can just let go of it all now, but still I want to redesign the way I work.

I have no idea how it’s gonna come together. But I know I want to cut work down to four days a week, 8 hours a day. That’s a big goal, since I run a one person business seven days a week. But it’s still a goal, and I think it’s “accomplishable” before I return to my other home i Chile. I have some ideas on how I can make it happen, and over the next couple of weeks, it’ll probably be revealed how it can happen. If there’s one thing I’ve learned — again — in this process, it’s the fact that I can’t force good art. It has to come from those pauses, that space, where nothing is planned and everything can flourish from the intuition.

So I have faith in it. What about you? How has your first few months of the year been, and what have you learned?

I for sure can’t wait to see, how my own wish is gonna come true — and share it with you. That, too, is so important. Sharing experience.
I hope you all have a great May!

Lots of love,
Lot Winther

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