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Here's a thought. It's funny how you dream of something for a while, then get occupied with other things, and suddenly wake up to a dream come true. Have you ever had that experience? I bet most people have. 

I firmly believe in the law of manifestation - then of course, I think it's much more than just magic. It's definitely a matter of actions and attitude too.

I think I started dreaming of life as a traveling artist a couple of years ago, before I just jumped into the arts. I was at this meeting while still working in the fashion industry, and colleague shared her dream with me. She'd like to "retire", being a board member in carious boards and then just create art. I remember I felt as if she was telling me about the dream I didn't wish I had. Only mine would include a lot of traveling too. 

I guess I always had it in mind when I started pursuing my art career. I made an effort in trying to make it hybrid or even remote in some way. Creating a base in Denmark, but with great access to the world. 

I was so thrilled when I was selected to be a part of a symposium between Denmark and Egypt - and I decided to take off from there. I met my dear tica friend in Costa Rica, and she opened up new doors for me, both in the culture and the art scene. Afterwards, I headed to my partner in Chile, and with a new base here, I'm falling in love with the art and culture life. Since I was "close" to my bucket list destination Machu Picchu in Peru, I simply had to go, even just for a few days, since my calendar has gotten quite busy while abroad. 

I'm thriving in creating art wherever I go, and inspiration just flows naturally and integrates into my visual voice.

Exploring Machu Picchu

What I've learned so far is I progress far more when exposed to new people, cultures and history.

In Perú, I was fascinated by their craftmanship in particularly the clothes, scarves and visual art. But what really evoked my heart was the nature and humidity especially in Machu Picchu Pueblo. I've been missing the smell of rain in the hot summer in Santiago - coming here was like coming home in a way. And so far from home.

Machu Picchu Lot Winther traveling artist

Although this was a short trip, I got a whole lot out of it. I arrived in Lima and spent a night in an Airbnb close to the airport. I definitely chose it for the pool, since I can't remember my last full body dip in cold water.

Machu Picchu Lot Winther traveling artist

Machu Picchu Lot Winther traveling artist

The day after, I took the infamous bus from Lima to Cusco. I was warned to not do it, since it's 22 hours straight - but I figured it would be the best way to see the landscape through some of the country in the short time I had. As it turned out, I got to see a lot of beautiful nature, and the trip went smooth an easily.

Machu Picchu Lot Winther traveling artist

When arriving at my hotel in Cusco, I took some time to explore the city. It was definitely larger than I'd imagined. But then again, I tend not to expect much and just allow surprises. Here, I was met with great craftmanship, local art and even a new artisan acquaintance. It's a city full of life and as everywhere, great Perúvian food - even for the vegetarian.

The day after, I got up early in the morning to catch the Inca Rail to Machu Picchu Pueblo. The train ride is definitely recommended, if you're like me and don't have time to do the 5 day trek (I have to do that next time though, this seems like the perfect route!). In the town, I caught the bus to Machu Picchu and was guided around the historical space at the mountain. It was breathtaking and worth all the travel time.

Machu Picchu Lot Winther traveling artist

Machu Picchu Lot Winther traveling artist

Machu Picchu Lot Winther traveling artist

In general, Perú is very affordable, and I got a lot out of little money. Particularly the quinoa soup and vegetarian ceviche were delicious and very low price. 

The bus ride back to Lima after a couple of days in Cusco felt short - but even after trekking down Machu Picchu, my body needed much rest, which I partially blame the overall experience, that just overwhelmed me in all the good ways possible. I can definitely recommend this journey to anyone, although my next one will be longer and with the full trekking experience. 

It added a lot more inspiration and even a few sketches of the landscape in my sketch book. Maybe it will be used for something later, maybe they will just be memories to keep. 

But one thing is for sure, and that's my gratitude for finally being able to live nomadic and artsy - which will be continued throughout this year for sure.

But now, back to my current base in Bellavista, Santiago to create much much more!

Machu Picchu Lot Winther traveling artist