Wandering off

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A few years ago, one of my dear friends fell in love in Costa Rica - after meeting a traveling "tika" here in Denmark and wanted to go see her when she returned to her home.
Ever since, they have both told me hundreds of times I should come. And that, if I do come, I'll never leave. Since I'm nomadic anyway, and I can create wherever I am, why not give it a go? Let's prove them right or wrong - but mostly because I'm yearning to travel.
I've always traveled. My parents were great at it, even with four small kids to look after, they managed to not only bring us with them, but to at least for me, show me their love for meeting the world with open, curious eyes.
Lately, a lot of people have asked me what the plan is. I guess that's expected of a person in their 20's. I've told them different things, but I have to admit; I don't really have a plan. I'm a romantic and I feel very safe among inspirational, loving people, my travel bag and my brushes. My plan is to keep those elements close and then just wander. Slow down where I feel like it, speed up when I have a direction - take it or leave it.
Lot Winther
So I'm inviting you to stay tuned, because I'll keep you updated here in the blog, and especially on my Instagram. If you want, you can also to go the art store and sign up for my newsletter, where I'll especially keep you updated about the art I'll create on the go.
I hope to see wild places and paint accordingly. And don't worry - I have an ally in Denmark who will take care of shipping my posters and original artworks. However, the ones I paint on the go will be shipped from there. But it's all taken care of, thank you convenient shipping world!
Before leaving to Costa Rica, I'm going on this amazing art symposium DEDI (Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative) has initiated. I'll be in Egypt for a couple of weeks, working with seven colleagues that I haven't met yet but am very excited meet, learn from and be inspired with. To experience the Egyptian art scene in Kairo and Aswan, get inspired and be greatly affected by new people.
These days in between, I feel a ton of inspiration flowing through. There's a lot to create. I'm staying at the country side, where I grew up. It's like every time I'm here, I see it with a profound new perspective. This is the most beautiful I've ever seen it, and upon refection, I'll apply some of the nature around in the next painting. The temporary studio in the corner of one of the old buildings is stacked with big new pieces - I find that the canvases have to be extra large this period of time. Maybe because there's a lot to pass on, maybe because I know I'll have limited space in the travel bag for the next while.  
Lot Winther  
On that note, I've always loved a great challenge. To limit to the 60cm canvas roll I'm going with ought to urge some creative thinking, and I can't wait for that.
Until next time, lots of light,