Over the past months, I've found peace and calm in just creating lines, when I needed distraction from other artworks. As a designer, I've felt like a mess, because on one side you see my fine, figurative portraits, and on the other, you see these weird, abstract lines shaping into entities and funny spirits - I guess I'm not over the idea that "it all has to fit". Which is why I so proudly call myself an artist. It allows me a whole lot.

Lot Winther Art Studio

I became a part of OUTPUT No. 03 with my original digital illustrations, but I changed my mind in the process. Inspired by Hilma af Klint, I'd started to paint these fables with watercolors, mostly for my own joy and relaxation while listening to music or having a Netflix series in the background.

Lines originally turned into eyes a year ago, and a few months ago, they turned into geometric shapes, funny faces and fables. With the same curiosity, I filled out the blanks and played with watercolour splashes inside of them, creating my own little warm universe.

I guess we all need these "let offs" once in a while - and what a pleasure it is to see them all hanging together, representing my meditative universe for the visitors at OUTPUT to see!

Although the cultural life is still affected by Covid, I was pleased to be out and around art again - and I enjoyed the creative, curly universe OUTPUT had set up.