The light is yours

We women are wild beings - creative, experimental, curious and feeling. At times, we don’t even understand ourselves, and we’re excited about it. We thrive in freedom, joy and pleasure.

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Crazy visionary

I want to set us free for good, if not in other areas, at least on canvas. I want to be the reminder of our power and abundance and show the true magical wonders of the divine feminine.

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  • "Apart from being a lovely, energetic and empathetic human being I know Lot as an amazingly talented artist! She excels in her creations..."

  • "Have bought three paintings and some posters from Lot, and I love them!..."

  • "Lot knows how to capture the small details and tie them together into a beautiful whole."

  • "Lot is first and foremost an incredible, inspiring and multitasking person, she excels in all the process ! From the order to the delivery to the quality..."