Alone Sole Series

Alone Sole Series

I might as well jump out and say it — I love the female figure. It’s been obvious ever since I started drawing; creating pure, feminine eyes. As I’ve evolved as a woman and an artist, and I’ve put my own journey into the works. As any artist does, I think. Slowly started drawing faces, hands, arms, and eventually the whole body.


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My story is not unique, but it’s very real. Body issues and a strange perspective of the world. And yes, I also grew up with “should”. Should look like this, should be like that. Act like this, appear like that. And as I’ve grown into loving my body and my being (spoiler; all I had to do was to go through it, not get over it), my love for my body and all its wonderful abilities has expanded widely for other women’ bodies as well. I’m fascinated by how we move, the shadows on our skin when it follows the flow, how much the body language and the gaze in our eyes are actually saying. Even the tiny muscles in our chins.

I feel safe saying I’ll never get bored with the female body. Or the human body in general.

I prefer working with women because of the familiarity and the subtle, creative and open energy, I often find with my sisters.

Alone Sole is my journey divided in different stages of my growth, reflected in female models. It’s a statement of the sole feminine energy and the importance of giving it space — not to be confused with being alone. Sole is a powerful, life-ful state of being.

Enjoy the works, and contact me if you have any questions or thoughts on the subject or the works. I’d be happy to hear them.