Some Thoughts on Balance in Art Life

Opslået af Lotte Winther den

What’s it really like to be an artist?

Hey peeps.
It’s been a hectic week to be honest. As an artist, you sometimes gotta do freelance or other paid work to make ends meet, and while the art life is still going strong, it can be very up and down when it comes to income directly from art. Fortunately, that’s not why I do what I do. I do it because I love it of course. I realize there’s not a lot of talk about the practical aspect of being an artist. You’re often on your own, and it may seem like everyone but you have got it together. But the truth is, that for most artists it varies a lot. Some months I earn more than my top boss friends, others I basically invest all my time in non paying projects that fulfill me in other ways. That’s why I’m so happy to have freelance work I can always turn to. But then comes the tricky part — the whole balance thing.

So how do i find balance while living out my dreams?

In short, I have two go to lists regarding my art life. Right brain stuff and left brain stuff. The right brain list is full of ideas and projects that completely allow me to fall into creative unfolding, creating and playing. The left brain is for administrative work such as payments, business plans (yeah artists make business plans too), writing (such as this blog post that helps boost my SEO). I love having these two to turn to when having time for my art, because it’s really different from day to day - and even hour to hour - what I feel like doing. And rule number one is that I never force anything, because nothing great ever came out of that.

Falling in and out of balance

Here’s the irony though. I constantly violate my one and only rule, and maybe that’s why it’s so important. Apart from my ambitions, I want it all in life, and just like the rest of you, I only have 24 hours a day. This week, I totally forced a creative process with such important artworks, that they called for constant doovers.

Lot Winther art blog

Every day this week, someone just happened to call me to share about their own process. On Monday, one of my friends shared with me, how he cared so much about his dream that he wouldn’t force anything around it. On Tuesday, another friend shared something about balancing her own life. On Wednesday, a group of friends just started talking about surrendering. On Thursday, finally, yet another friend called, because she had integrated everything I’d been hearing throughout the week, and the freedom in her voice was unmistakable.

Eventually, I gave in and surrendered.
To me, that means going back to wherever the inspiration came from in the first place, and start from there. Even though it was the 3rd time. Just in time for Easter and everything this holiday means to me. Resurrection.

The odd thing? It just seems to come smoother when acting from inspiration rather than ideas of what I should be doing. The pieces all came together, and not only that, but now, I love looking at them. They’re so simple, but to me, so so beautiful.

Happy Easter everyone!

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