The Adjusting Chapter

Opslået af Lotte Winther den

I'm not really sure how to begin this post - which, I guess, is a very honest start. I figure I ought to catch up where I left; in the beginning of August, where I had one high paced, exciting month ahead of me!

Lot Winther tapestry vægtæppe

Staying in the family farm always allows crazy creativity run wild, and by the time my sister came to pick me up for our Norwegian getaway, I was still painting out new ideas with the "just a sec!" attitude. However, I put the brushes down, and we got in the car. The trip to Norway was amazing. It was an idea we've had since the beginning of the year, and it was quite amazing we managed to find the time both of us to take out a whole week to be in the wild.

Lot Winther

Maybe it was the combination of majestic nature, the clean rivers and fjords, the fresh air and my sister's wonderful company that grounded me in ways I've longed for in months. Whenever away from 'the usual', I start reflecting upon my current actions, life goals, routines and what not. Particularly with my art. Our week away made me ground in a way I'd like to implement into my life such as doing fewer things but with much more attention, painting more, but fewer things and with a patience a person like me can only strive for. So, when we returned - refreshed, reflected and in much need of a spa! - I bought 25 pieces of unstretched canvases to carry with me on my travels until next spring. I've rolled them up and prepared them for exciting adventures, and I must say, that's a drastically different approach than usually for me. I'm excited.

The day after our arrival in Denmark, I had a two day exhibition in Galleri TESE in Aarhus with my photographer friend and fellow sea nerd Bastian Piltz. It was a mix of his photographs and my underwater paintings as well as the Aquarius installation. It was my first but not last exhibition including soap bubbles!

Lot Winther Bastian Piltz Galleri TESE

Lot Winther Bastian Piltz Galleri TESE

The following weekend included hanging with family and friends and wrap up my stuff once again for the next location; Copenhagen.

I arrived earlier this week and am already digging the warm colors take over the plants while the temperature gets slightly colder. It's a time for integration and adjusting into more slowness and calm. It's actually already sparked inspiration for the next art pieces, which are exclusively made with Cobra oils from Royal Talens. That means the paint is mixed with water, allowing all sorts of drips in my pieces - and a much healthier studio space without any toxins.

Lot Winther

Lot Winther

I hope you have a beautiful September.

Lots of love,