Upcoming Exhibitions - See You There?

Upcoming Exhibitions - See You There?

Pheeew, the heat really hit us in Scandinavia the past few weeks. Honestly, it's been hard to work around it, as the sun lights up my studio as soon as the clock hits 2PM! I figured I'd implement the siesta in the middle of the day, and it's felt like being on a vacation in the afternoons - even though I never left Aarhus.

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The beach has been my escape, I simply loved it. Last week, I went with a friend, and we spontaneously snapped some shots of her in the water, inspiring me to do a series - maybe I'll call it Summer Waves, we'll see. I'm currently working on wood plates of 20 x 20 cm, and they'll be exhibited at the 2020 Visions Group Exhibition in Copenhagen September 16th-19th. If you're in the area one of those days, PLEASE step by and check it out! The address will be Godthåbsvej 33, 2000 Frederiksberg. You can read more on the official Facebook page here

And speaking of exhibitions, I'll show off some figurative pieces at ARoS Art Museum along with OUTPUT July 22nd and 23rd, so if you spend your summer in Aarhus, you're more than welcome to come by.

Finally, I have my first ever solo exhibition at Galleri TESE from September 13th and two months forward. This one is also in Aarhus, and the theme is around healing physical trauma. It's a vulnerable and very personal subject this time. Often, I prefer to put my art out there and leave it to the audience to make their own stories. This time, it's about personal experience, and I really enjoy working my progress in the illustrations along with the gallery. More about that in the fall, but if you're curious, mark your calendar!

Wow, what a list of updates - However, I'm working on a fourth exhibition with a fellow artist. It's still very much in the making, and I'll add it to the next newsletter. I will say though, that we're aiming for some glitter and extravaganza, as we plan to throw it into the program of Aarhus Festuge, and after a bit more than a year of Covid's heavy weight over us all, we find it suitable to claim the 20's' joy and lightness.

Stay tuned for more on that - as always, I share my art life and all that it involves on my Instagram @lotwintherstudio where you're also more than welcome to connect with me.

Lot Winther

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