Lot Winther Studio

Lot is an award-winning Danish artist with more than 10 exhibitions across Europe, United States and Latin America. She's represented by local and international galleries as well as her own studio space in Copenhagen.

Artist Statement

The more I get to know about art, the more I realize I don’t know. I meet the canvas with an open mind and faithfulness to the inspiration of the moment. At times, I tap into direct flow and have clarity on the work ahead of me. At others, I simply have to stay curious, until the moment of clarity reveals itself. Rarely do I know the outcome, and that’s the most exciting thing about it.

For as long as I can remember, my work has found resolution in movement of the female body. She can be moving or standing still, but there always seems to be a feeling of processing and transformation. I have an ongoing interest in women’s liberation, which I continuously find inspirational and have an urge to pass on through visual art.

In my more recent work, there’s been more humour and boldness. A combination of the immediate beauty and the humorous, quirky aspects of being a person in a female body. A result from a period of time growing up and into my own body and exploring the power it contains along with a cheering crowd of a strong sisterhood. Unique little details and an urge to pass on the things one only sees in person that ought to be shared with viewers. A personal transformation has found its way through the brushes onto the canvas in layer after layer, allowing the stories in them to lightly pass on a deep process.

My art has the purpose of bringing people together in a space where all forces fall down and the natural open mind and compassion comes forward, allowing connection to flourish. The intention with my art is to lead the viewer from reflection into transformation, regardless of the stage they’re at.

Different media allows expression of different ideas and stories. Lately, a mix of oil paints, charcoal and pencils has been more present, layered on one another, giving depth and life. The figures are the center of the motif, usually in abstract surroundings, backing up the nature or the story passed on.



Galleri TESE, Aarhus, Denmark

Galeria Talentum, San Jose, Costa Rica


2023 La Wayaka Current DESERT 23°S, La Yareta Espacio Cultural, San Pedro, Chile

2022 For the Love of Underwater Love, Galleri TESE, Aarhus, Denmark

2022 Augurios, Galeria Talentum, San Jose, Costa Rica

2022 Output No. 06, Frontløberne, Aarhus, Denmark

2021 Så langt jeg strækker mig (solo), Galleri TESE, Aarhus, Denmark

2021 Feminine Linjer, MAKE nordic, Aarhus, Denmark

2021 Output No. 04, ARoS Art Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

2021 Output No. 03, Ungekulturhuset, Aarhus, Denmark

2021 Spectrum of Creativity, Ocala City Hall, Florida, USA

2020 Collective Cure, New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, New Harmony, New Harmony, USA

2020 Fjend’s Spring Exhibition, Viborg, Danmark

2018 Frirum, Center for Social Nytænkning, Aarhus, Denmark


PUKK – Puljen, Aarhus Kommune

Initiativpuljen, Aarhus Kommune

Den Danske Eksportsskoles Fond in relation with sustainable design and design solutions

Elro Fonden

Design Talent nominee, Fonden for Entreprenørskab


2023 La Wayaka Current, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

2022 Gracia residency, Guatemala City, Guatemala

2022 Artist in residence, ARoS Art Museum Aarhus, Denmark

2021-22 A Tale of Two Cities, DEDI (Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Initiative), Cairo-Aswan, Egypten and København-Hanstholm, Denmark