Lot Winther Artist Bio and Statement


"I create everything with either the feeling or intention of joy. As an artist, I believe this is the most valuable asset I could possible pass on, and frankly, there's nothing I'd rather do."

Originally a fashion designer, Lot needed a break out from the conform lines of fashion illustration and moved into visual arts, renewing her relationship with the female body and the simple lines. Along with digital illustrations and drawings, she picked up acrylic and oil painting, which broadened her skillset and deepened her love for creating.

Lot’s change of scene into visual arts surrounding the female body allowed her to transform her understanding of the female energies. Her current works are deliberately centred on temporary performances, interaction with the audience or surroundings, and playful approaches to emotion, whatever they be. Her main objective will always be observing womens’ facial expressions, bodies and processes, mostly, she thinks, because it’s relatable and she finds beautiful secrets and messages in them.


Lot Winther Art


Artist Statement

In her art, Lot Winther is devoted to capturing the beauty in female bodies and facial expressions. With absolute authenticity, she aims to catch the truth of the human being’s state of emotion and position in whatever process they’re going through. 

Her art has the purpose of bringing people together in a space where all forces fall down and the natural open mind and compassion comes forward, allowing connection to flourish - the intention with her art is to lead the viewer from reflection into transformation. 

Different mediums allow her to express different ideas, but she prefers oil painting, drawings and digital illustrations, which, according to the artist herself, have a great saying in the story of the motif.


SOLO EXHIBITION 2021 September - November, Aarhus, Solo Exhibition, Galleri TESE

OUTPUT FESTIVAL 2021 June, Ungekulturhuset, Aarhus, Group Exhibition, OUTPUT Aarhus

SPECTRUM OF CREATIVITY 2021 April, Ocala, Florida, Group Exhibition, City Hall

COLLECTIVE CURE 2020 August - September, New Harmony, Indiana, Group Exhibition, New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art

FJENDS FORÅRSUDSTILLING 2020 March, Fjends, Viborg, Art Exhibition with receiving of "The Blue Stamp"

FRIRUM UDSTILLING 2018 September, Center for Social Nytænkning, Aarhus, Group Exhibition in shared studio



CATALOG ISSUE 2 SEPTEMBER 2020, Florence Contemporary Gallery


2018 Den Danske Eksportsskole's fund, Nôrd by Nôrd

2018 Designtalent, Fonden for Entreprenørskab, nominated

2016 Det Grønne Mikrolegat, Nôrd by Nôrd

Other Work

VISUAL DESIGNER 2021 - present, Acter Global, Aarhus, Visual Designer

VISUAL ARTIST 2019 - present, Lot Winther, Aarhus, Artist

​DESIGNER & ART DIRECTOR 2015 - 2020, Nôrd by Nôrd, Aarhus, Founder, Designer & Art Director

FASHION ASSISTANT 2015, Shlomit Ofir Jewelry Design, Tel Aviv, Fashion Assistant, Production Assistant and Web Editor


2020 – 2021 CHCP Conscious Consultant

2017 – 2018 PBA Entrepreneurship

2014 – 2016 AK Fashion Design